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Welcome to the (ex)SSL Site

Temporary copy from 2014, restored by Dave Auger,
of the Website built and run by Dave Saville - Work in (Slow) Progress
Interactivity and some links non functional. Mail list and logons non functional

Jonathan Hutchinson set up the Ex-SSL subscription email list built on Google Groups and has now taken on hosting this web site.

ExSSL Google Groups Members List - note that you need to be a member of the group with your Gmail email address to see this list

Still lots of interesting anecdotes, SSL history and photos even though a number of external personal photo albums which were linked appear to have disappeared or changed address unfortunately

Check out the Picture Gallery Link at the bottom of this page

This site is for the ex staff of the late Seismograph Service Group of companies.

Seismograph Service Limited - SSL.
Seismograph Service England Limited - SSEL.
Seismograph Service Corporation - SSC.
Compagnie Française de Prospection Sismique - CFPS.
Seismograph Service France - SSF.
Seismograph Service Nigeria Limited - SSNL
Indonesia -PTJ
Mexico - COMESA
Geophysical Company of Jersey Limited - GCJL
Rockplan - South Africa

This site grew out of the immense efforts of the late Ian Cheshire and his email Newsletters. It was built and supported over very many years by Dave Saville


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