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This site is for the ex staff of the late Seismograph Service Group of companies.

Seismograph Service Limited - SSL.
Seismograph Service England Limited - SSEL.
Seismograph Service Corporation - SSC.
Compagnie Française de Prospection Sismique - CFPS.
Seismograph Service France - SSF.

This site grew out of the immense efforts of the late Ian Cheshire and his email Newsletters.

Why are you not on the mail list?

On a recent check on site statistics I found that well over half of the web site members were not on the email list. I know in the early days, when all on Ian's list were mass loaded onto the mail list, that some unsubscribed amidst crys of "Too many messages". Yes really! Out of interest we have been going since April 2003 and have just over 2200 messages to date (September 2013) - not a huge amount - just over one and a half messages a day. :-)

See below for what's being talked about now.

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